Borrow money without a bank

So you can borrow money quickly and easily without a bank!

"Bernhard, I urgently need a loan without proof of income", can you help me please? I receive these inquiries more and more often. Quite understandable, considering how difficult it has become to make ends meet today.

Is it illegal if you want to borrow money without a bank? The short answer to this is NO. If you want to borrow money without a bank, it is perfectly legal. Because not only banks have the right to lend money.

How to borrow money without a bank?

There are already many alternatives to banks where you can borrow money online. You can also borrow money privately without a bank. With a quick simple application for a personal loan.

Is it illegal to borrow money without a bank?

Often people believe that only banks have the right to lend money. And so it happens more and more often that people try to find ways to borrow money illegally. But this is not necessary at all. Because you can borrow money completely legally privately.

Loan without proof of income

How it all works, what you have to pay attention to, what possibilities, opportunities and solutions there are if you want to borrow money without a bank – my experiences and results that will help you to get a loan today!

My experience: A few years ago I was faced with the same problem when I moved from Austria to Germany, Munich. Arrived in the city I had to borrow money at short notice!

To be even more precise. I had to borrow money urgently. At the beginning of my credit search I went to my bank in Munich Starnberg. And there I tried to get a loan quickly and easily.

The loan rejection at my bank has forced me to rethink!

But instead of getting cash immediately … the bank clerk told me that the credit verification will take 3-5 business days. Even if I merely wanted to apply for a small loan and z.Ex. 1000 immediately transferred to the account wanted.

And as simple as this statement was, it quickly became clear to me that. With my house bank it is guaranteed nothing with an immediate loan.

I urgently need a loan

To be able to borrow money immediately, I needed alternatives to my local bank!

And it did not remain with the one bank also. "Drat", I thought to myself. "There is no such thing. It must be somehow possible to get money quickly.

My head was boiling. How can I get fast money? And then I had the brilliant idea of how I could borrow money without a bank. And I have recorded this here in my blog. Yes, you too can use it to borrow money online instantly – without a bank.

The credit card without Schufa as a quick solution how you can get money?

In principle, it was not so difficult. How I managed to borrow money. I have recorded my experiences in this article.

But here now my money story!

I moved to Germany/Munich several years ago. And at that time I needed money urgently. Be that as it may. Although the local banks wanted to lend me money. But from the time I applied for a loan to the time it was paid out, my bank took a whopping two weeks.

This was out of the question for me. I needed a quick loan. So what could I do? After I had wasted quite some time with my house bank and my credit inquiry, I came then finally on a really good idea. And with this idea I could get money fast!

For whatever reason you want to borrow money. Or if you just can't get by on your current income. Whether you want to buy a new car, a house, you are just missing the money for the long-awaited vacation? Whether you might speculate on a new apartment. Whatever it is and for whatever reason you want to borrow money.

Whether you say Bernhard I earn too little money. It does not matter, you are lacking the necessary money and therefore you go to your bank. And there you find out that the loan processing will take much longer than you had imagined.

Or you get a commitment, but the terms offered for the loan are outrageously bad! All I can tell you is that, at any rate, I had no more patience waiting for my home bank to get back to me. And still wanted to get money in the account today!

How to borrow money without a bank and what you have to take into account!

So what to do? That's right, you can borrow money without a bank. There are many possibilities.

There are many different credit institutions and private online providers, which want to help you to your dream of a new car, vacation or even your own house. Borrow money fast without a bank? What can I do?

Does this really work online and if so, which private lenders are there?? Just read on, the solution to this problem can be found here.

Millionaires lend money?

More and more often I receive inquiries about it. "Bernhard, is it really true? Millionaires lend money?". Please read my short explanation.

It may happen that millionaires lend money. Personally, however, I have not met a single millionaire who lends money from his private assets. Or who has ever claimed from himself: "I lend money immediately", without paperwork, without any preconditions.

It is usually the case that millionaires are interested in making profit-making investments. The credit business belongs also to the financial economy. And just in this sector returns can also be very profitable.

When a millionaire lends money, it is through a legitimate company. D.h. a millionaire can own a company through which he makes money available for loans on the capital market. Other forms are not known to me so far.

Borrow money immediately payout for the unemployed

If one would like to borrow urgently money and receive an immediate disbursement, then there are also for it suitable direct banks which have specialized in it. Even if you are unemployed, there is the possibility to apply for a small loan.

The following three points are required.

  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • the residence must be in Germany or Austria
  • the unemployment benefit must be at least €800,- per month

Borrow money today to pay off without Schufa

If you submit your loan request to conventional banks, then usually immediately a request is made to Schufa.

If you want to borrow money without Schufa and receive a payout today, then there are three additional alternatives to the conventional bank.

The first option is offered by private lenders. Whether you want to borrow money from friends, or you are thinking of applying to a reputable private lender.

Private lenders will also try to assess your creditworthiness. However, this can be done much easier, faster and less complicated than with traditional banks which are also subject to strict requirements of banking regulators.

Borrow money without paperwork

The pawnbroker loan is a very simple and fast way where you can borrow money without Schufa query and get the same day an immediate payment, if it comes between you and the pawnshop to an agreement.

Especially the pawnshop offers the possibility to borrow money relatively uncomplicated and without major paperwork.

More information about the process of pawnbroking you will find in my pawnbroking contribution.

Private money lending without a bank and without collateral?

How does private money lending actually work? Is it easier or better to want to earn money quickly? If you want to borrow money without credit, for example, then it is best to start looking in a private environment. Ask relatives, acquaintances and friends, whether they can lend you some money.

You can borrow money from them without interest, because it is a friendly service. The bank is always important that you also earn enough. From private providers you can also borrow money without income, as an unemployed so to speak.

Some want to know roughly what you need the money for, for example, car or motorcycle, housing, business, debt restructuring, etc. With others you can again quickly borrow money without questions. However, the lender also needs a certain security, i.e. valuables, to which he is entitled in case of inability to repay.

To borrow money without collateral is very difficult. Borrow money without proof of income, on the other hand, is quite possible, provided you can provide collateral such as land, securities, real estate or precious metals, or. bring in a guarantor.

Borrow money without Schufa and proof of income

As mentioned above, there are selected direct banks that have specialized in lending money without proof of income.

Nevertheless, even direct banks with headquarters in Germany or Austria usually make a query of the Schufa data. If you can not provide proof of income and you want to borrow money without Schufa, then you have the following alternatives.

  • Loan for unemployed with instant approval
  • Credit card without Schufa from abroad
  • Pawn credit
  • Borrow money privately
  • Policycendarlehen

If you are registered as unemployed and you can also prove a monthly income of at least €800 (unemployment benefits are counted as income) then there is also the possibility of online banks to get a small loan.

So you can borrow money immediately for the car or any repairs – despite the lack of work. Banks and some credit institutions make with your credit request immediately a Schufa query. But I will introduce you to a few providers where you can borrow money privately!

Tip: You should know your creditworthiness yourself. Read more about how you can request a free Schufa self-disclosure in just 3 minutes.

Yes, it it right. Borrow money online without a bank immediately and get a loan today – this works if you find the right private providers or. Know money lenders. And these you will find in my premium list.

How can you borrow money & get an immediate payout?

Anyone who has ever asked a bank for a loan, certainly knows this: Eternally long processing and waiting times! The great thing about borrowing money from private individuals is that they have less processing time, which means a shorter waiting time and better conditions for you.

Because time is money, as the saying goes. So private money lending is the better alternative when you need it fast. In most cases, private individuals offer a simple request system. And through it you can also borrow money immediately without a bank and without significant paperwork.

Remember: borrowing money without paperwork can be a challenge. You can find the best direct banks with limited paperwork in my premium list. Free access is available directly on my resources page.

Borrowing money privately can work very quickly and easily. Provided one finds suitable offerers.

I recommend you to read the whole article to get more information about borrowing money without a bank and what you should pay attention to before applying for a loan.

Private money lending today and without questions!

Once you have sent the form, you will receive a reply within 24 hours with your personal offer. No matter if you apply for a small loan right now or if you need a longer term loan.

This is how borrowing money from private sources works! No rejection because you don't have a good credit rating or no income at all, no Schufa query, no lengthy conversations. You can borrow money fast when you need it. Sometimes you only need a certain amount for a spontaneous matter, which you pay back after a few months.

A vacation, an unexpected bill, a repair. For such and many other things you can also borrow money at short notice despite Schufa entry. For such a thing the way to the conventional bank is simply too laborious and tedious.

For short-term matters, you can simply borrow money from private individuals. Borrowing money without a bank is more advisable, because it is simply faster and less complicated. At Auxmoney, an online loan broker, you can find, for example, private people who lend money.

Who can lend me money if not the bank??

Online there are countless providers who lend money privately. Some are reputable and some are not, but that is easy to recognize. Important is of course a contract. Always ask for a contract. If the lender does not offer you a contract, it is better to leave it alone.

Borrowing money from private individuals should also be contractually secured. Also, you should read carefully and also understand what is in this contract inside. Once the contract is signed, you can borrow money immediately. Make sure there are no hidden costs.

Borrowing money privately is so easy, but if you are not careful, you can fall into a cost or even debt trap. So do not forget the contract. Borrowing money is a serious matter and should be taken seriously. Who was not already in the situation, where one lacks the necessary small change and fast a credit must her?

Where can I borrow money without Schufa?

There are many ways to borrow money. It depends on how much you need and what you need it for. If you have found the right provider, then borrow money without Schufa can also offer a way to bridge short-term its tense situation.

Well, if you want to borrow money quickly without a bank, then there are some good alternatives to this.

  • Private lenders
  • Credit Card Without Schufa
  • Borrow money from friends
  • Pawnshop / pawn credit

Maybe you have a good friend, acquaintance or relative who can lend you money at short notice.

Show yourself also willing to pay back the money conscientiously and as soon as possible. Offer your friend also a money lending contract, so that it does not come afterwards to disputes and you lose a really good friend.

Private money lending immediately and without guarantors!

Everyone comes in his life sometimes in the situation where you need to borrow money quickly. Then the question arises: Where can you borrow money without Schufa?

Do I have the right conditions to borrow money from a bank? Or should I rather borrow money online? This depends very much on your creditworthiness, whether you have an income or can show collateral. Borrowing money online is faster, less complicated and cheaper than borrowing money from a bank.

Who does not dream of it: borrow money and still today money on the account! Borrowing money privately can be so easy. Register, fill out a short form, get a quick reply with an offer, accept and the money will be transferred.

Money lend today still pay out, that goes guaranteed. If the house or apartment needs a new coat of paint? If there is a burst pipe and the repair can not wait? You can borrow money online immediately, without long waiting times.

Lending money privately and how it works in practice!

Sometimes you are lucky and can borrow the necessary money from your own circle of acquaintances. Without interest and pressure, this is of course the most pleasant option.

If you want to lend money to friends, then this can also strengthen the friendship. But still. Even if you want to borrow money privately from your best friend, you should make a contract. . If one of your closest friends is in need of money and you have the opportunity to help him, then you will certainly want to do so.

Draw up a private money lending contract together with him/her. This strengthens the trust and you can secure both of you with it. Of course, you already trust each other very much, but unexpected things can always happen. The money lend without bank, is nevertheless also among friends a private contract.

You should never forget. And again every private contract is subject to the terms and conditions, in which the contract law is regulated.

Who can lend me money urgently?

Borrowing money without a bank is basically quite simple, if you know suitable lenders. On the Internet you can find countless providers who arrange private loans. The best known among them are Smava and Auxmoney. You make a request and they find lenders for you who lend money privately.

This can be done easily online. You don't have to go anywhere, you can do it easily from your home. Enter the desired amount and the reason for use on the website, and you can borrow money from private sources.

With these providers, borrowing money is particularly fast. Your request will be processed immediately and you will get your answer. How to borrow money quickly. If you have found a private money lender, you should also sign a contract.

You can find a private money lending contract sample on the Internet. Nevertheless, always remember that borrowing money without a bank is also a business contract.

I summarize for you once, what must be in such a money lending sample contract so everything inside: The exact amount lent and the confirmation that the amount has already been received and when this happened. Even those who urgently need to borrow money should not do without these steps.

If you only need money in the short term, then a personal loan is recommended. So you can quickly borrow cash and pay back in a short time again. In contrast to the bank, borrowing money from a private bank works immediately. Especially for smaller amounts, a private loan is more likely to pay off, as not as high processing costs as in the bank.

Where can you borrow money without a bank?

I was also some time ago in one of these situations, where no conventional bank could help me further. And so I asked myself a question that I had to solve: "Where can I borrow money without a bank and without sufficient verifiable creditworthiness?"

What is practical about private loan providers is that you can easily do the money lending online from home. Even borrowing money for the unemployed is not a problem, because private providers often do not require income, but other collateral.

Where to borrow money? At the end of this article you will find a search request, with which we try to find suitable providers for you to be able to borrow money without a bank. For a fast loan you are here at the right address, because private providers are much faster than banks.

Borrowing money without a bank is done quickly, but whether you borrow money from friends, acquaintances, relatives or private online loan providers, always agree on a money lending private contract. In this way you do yourself and others a favor.

How does contract money lending private? If you borrow money from your private, then just make a contract yourself with amount, repayment agreement, date and signatures. If you borrow money online, the lender will give you a contract to sign.

Everybody wants to borrow money immediately – but is an immediate payout guaranteed??

Like everyone, I was once in a situation where I needed money urgently. At that time I also asked: Who can lend me money privately??

I did a lot of research, also fell on my face a few times, but in the end I found the right provider and was able to borrow money privately immediately. Do you also have no success with the banks?

Then borrowing money privately is also the better alternative for you. In any case, it is not a pleasant situation to run out of money and have to borrow. If you are lucky, a friend can lend you money.

That is very practical, because it goes very fast, in the familiar circle, without Schufa, interest or pressure. You should still not do without a money lending contract. So you are both secured and any problems are already clarified in advance.

Because you should never forget. Borrowing money without a bank is also subject to contract law. It is a business. You can easily write a money lending private contract yourself, without a lawyer or a notary public.

If both of you have signed the contract, you can borrow the cash immediately. Even if you want to borrow money in the short term, it is better to do it without a bank, because it is simply faster and easier to do it privately. Borrowing money in 24 hours is only possible privately.

Borrow money from private without a bank

Private money lending is the best option when you want it to be fast and uncomplicated. Borrow money immediately to account, you can only do this with a personal loan. If you need only a small amount until the end of the month until you receive your next salary, then you can also borrow money for a short time, without lengthy conversations and processing times.

If you want to borrow money from private individuals, for example, the conditions are much more flexible and can be customized than now, for example, with a bank loan. You can actually forget about borrowing money immediately by transferring it to a bank.

With private persons it is much faster: application, quick answer, contract, lending money, immediate payout.

That's how fast it works. If you have no income, then your money lending contract pattern will look a bit different. If you do not have an income, you need to have other collateral.

In your contract you must then either a security or a guarantor to be able to present. A private money lending contract serves as a security for the lender, so that he also gets the money back.

If the borrower is insolvent, the property, the vehicle, the securities or similar can be pledged.

Borrowing cash quickly can be difficult!

Once everything is contractually under roof, it goes very quickly: borrow money, money immediately on the account! Often it must simply go fast.

Overdue bills, repairs that can't be postponed, broken washing machine or refrigerator, etc. borrow money from private immediately! That is possible. Just do not let so much time go by yourself. Then you can borrow money privately immediately.

For example, if you already have debts and an overdraft facility, then you can simply reschedule and immediately borrow money from private. If you need a contract template to borrow money, then you can easily find it on the Internet. With a personal loan you can borrow money cheaply, without having to take tedious ways on you.

You can easily do everything online from home. Even a money borrowing contract sample you can find quickly on the Internet. Instant money lending private is the best alternative for all those who do not want to or can not take a loan from a bank. On the Internet you can find a lot of private people who lend money. Whether a long-term contract for years or borrow money for 30 days, the range and possibilities are endless.

Borrow money without bank Switzerland

foreign loans like z.Example. the popular Swiss loan is still very popular with many Germans and Austrians. The evasion in the neighboring Swiss alpine country can have different reasons.

So you can try to get better conditions. Or maybe the anonymity is in the foreground for one or the other. Or that no personal data to any German or Austrian Auskunftseien are taken up or queried.

Which Swiss banks also grant loans for Austrians and Germans, what requirements must be met and how to apply for Swiss loans directly online, you can read more details about it here -> Swiss credit

Get money immediately without credit

I think it is also very important to mention that you should only borrow money if you can pay back the loan 100% and you do not over-indebtedness.

It is enormously important to first try everything to save money in advance and if possible to be able to afford his desired purchase, before you even think about applying for a loan in the first place.

If you want to get money immediately without a loan, then there are also several good alternatives. You can find many ways to earn additional money quickly. And there are also dozens of ways with simple means very effective money to be able to save.

Borrow money from loan shark

What does it actually mean, if you want to borrow money from a loan shark? Who is called a loan shark, where can you find a loan shark and under what conditions and requirements can a loan shark help at all?

A credit mediator or financial broker can be called a loan shark, if this tries creditworthy weak debtors to particularly bad conditions (usury interest, expenses and fees) to arrange credits.

Loans are a financial transaction in which money is lent and the debtor for the duration of repayment must always pay more than he has borrowed. An exception to this are interest-free loans, provided that no fees or charges are charged for them.

For this reason, many financial service providers often speak of money given as a gift in the case of a loan without interest.

For me it remains undisputed. Borrowing money is and remains the same process. No matter if you want to borrow money from the bank, from friends or from a private lender. In the end, the final costs, fees and interest rates decide whether it is a favorable loan or usury.

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