Wei een Sprint Handy Rechnung droen

Wei een Sprint Handy Rechnung droen

Sprint clients can get credits at a discount on their monthly bill, which they have to reduce. Whether you are entitled to a loan from your patron, the bank or the financial institution, you will benefit from this connection to lower your rates.

Loyalty Service Credit

If you are already a Sprint client and want to lease a new phone, you can get credit for a Sprint Loyalty Service. The amount of credit varies. For example, if you lease a new phone for $20 per mount, your loyalty service credit will be worth $15 – your lease rate will be $5 per mount.

Sprint Remise Program

In many cases you can find out on the basis of your invoice which organization you work for or which one you belong to. Sprint offers discounts and:

  • Students at Universiteit Mataarbechter
  • Leierpersonal a Schoulbezierk Mataarbechter
  • State Government Mataarbechter
  • Federal government Mataarbechter
  • Credit Unioun Members
  • Mataarbechter of a puer companies
  • Mataarbechter a Member vun Organisatiounen
  • Military Dengscht Memberen

The amount of the discount varies, depending on the amount of the discount given to the organization. For example, AAA members can get a credit card discount of 10 percent, while Federalen Gouvernement Employeen can get a discount of 15 percent.

To see if your school, company or organization is a member of the Sprint discount program, send an email to your online secure system, call Client Services Linn at 1-866-639-8354, or stop by your local Sprint store. When you verify online, you will receive an email from Sprint. Open the email, click on the verification link and fill out the online form. You will be asked for appropriate documentation to be sent to you by e-mail, such as an Employer Badge, Member Card or a Certificate of Appointment.

Sprint ofgesat military program

Military members can keep their accounts open during their enrollment, and they can look at their monthly bills, but they can always keep their accounts open by calling their phone number. Military personnel can put a little money on the line while family members stay active.

If you want to get in touch with the program, call 1-866-954-0492 for the client's name and address. The account can be saved up to 36 months.

Dreckt Call Credit

When Dir e fallen ruff erliewt, bitt sprint Iech e credit as compensatioun. Wielt * 2 vun arem Sprint phone, or call Clientsdengscht um (888) 211-4727. When you want to get the reason for your uruff, you say: "I want to get uruff credits."Be aware of the resulting increases in the credit amount.


You can get a credit for up to four appeals at a time. Sprint to a maximum of 20 refundable credits during a narrow 30 day period.

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