The mobilization order: what it is and to whom it is issued?

Due to complex circumstances that are developing in the world, mobilization questions are becoming more popular. In particular, many issues occur most often with men who are in camp and with people of early age. In particular, many are interested in the mobilization ordinance. What is the? To whom and for what purpose it is issued?

The mobilization order: what it is and to whom it is issued?

General concept of the mobilization order

Due to their ignorance many Russians start to panic and fill the thematic forums, friends and acquaintances with questions when they receive the mobilization order. Their panic is mostly connected with military actions, which are currently taking place in a neighboring country – Ukraine. The press, social networks and other "well-wishers" add fire to the fire. For example, recently residents of Cherepovets district and Cherepovets were victims of panic, and received similar notifications. So, the mobilization prescription: what is it?

This concept is not related to the political and military crisis in Ukraine. According to the military commissar of Cherepovets V. Tolstikov, the distribution of such notifications is the daily work of military commissariats. Most often it is connected with the planned "revision" of male citizens. This is a type of information about existing reservists, since many of them have already reached retirement age and should be excluded from the lists of military registration and recruitment offices.

The mobilization order: what it is and to whom it is issued?

The mobilization order (as it looks,you can see in the photo) – this is a kind of document issued to all citizens for military service in the Russian Federation. Its delivery says that the reservist falls into a certain virtual team, which will be formed as soon as possible in the event of general mobilization in our country.

Why you are not in a panic after receiving a mobilization order?

If you receive this notification, do not is worth. The mobilization order in a military ticket in no way means that the person who received it will necessarily be drafted into the armed forces of the country. On the contrary, it is these people who will help to compile the most up-to-date list of persons responsible for military service, and to weed out persons unsuitable for service. Military commissariats should know how many people they have in reserve, how many are retired, how many citizens are on draft.

In addition to the design, the main tasks of the military offices are: Implementation and training in the effort to mobilize human and technical resources.

The mobilization order: what it is and to whom it is issued?

The mobilization order: To whom it is issued?

A similar notice will be in the hands ofmilitary citizens who have previously been included in the appropriate lists of municipal or regional military offices in the place of residence. We note that conscripts are men and women (mainly medical and military professions) from the age of 17. It is a question of those who have reached the age of 45, who have been included in the reserve (up to 45-60 years) or have a military registration. In the passport of such people, as a rule, the stamp "responsible for military service" is placed.

What is the mobilization order for the conscript?

Those who have or ever receive a mobilization order, they know that it looks like a loose paint job. Most often, it is red or light purple. It contains the following data:

  • Name and address of the military registration;
  • Year of birth;
  • Date of delivery of the notice;
  • Reasons for obtaining the order (z. B. due to the decision of the conscription protocol no. 1 of 16. August 13);
  • Military title of a person with military liability (z. B. Corporal);
  • Code and name of the position;
  • VUS Number;
  • Name and number of the team (to which the military is obligated);
  • Duties of the person summoned for collection;
  • Address of estimated fees;
  • A list of documents that citizens who have mobilization orders must bring when they participate;
  • Signature of the responsible persons and date.

The mobilization order: what it is and to whom it is issued?

How to obtain a mobilization order?

You can get the prescription directly inMilitary registration and recruitment office, for example, after a phone call. In the same place you can learn in detail about the mobilization order (what it is and how it differs from the agenda in the army). You can deliver the notice of charges to your own apartment or house when the representatives of the Military Commissariat visit you personally. And also in the personnel department at the construction site.

This note is usuallyis pasted into a military ticket of a military man. In the first case, a notice of service is entered on the military ticket. In the second – the recipe is simply inserted without making a note. But what does the mobilization order mean to the person who received it?

The mobilization order: what it is and to whom it is issued?

What should people do who have received the mobilization order?

In the case of mobilization announced in the country, itmust arrive at the place indicated in the notice within a specified period of time. At the same time, their appointment is made within the framework of the legislation of the Russian Federation and provides that a person responsible for military service at the place of destination is accepted without a preliminary agenda. Therefore, the people who have a mobilization order in a military ticket must be ready. But don't worry in advance.

What is threatening to receive a mobilization order?

This question is especially troubling. Because of their ignorance, many of the conscripts not only never saw the mobilization order (as shown in the photo), but often mistook it for a subpoena. Unlike the subpoenas, the order does not force a person responsible for delivery on the same day to serve as a temporary employee. On the contrary, this document informs citizens of draft age and those who are in reserve about their possible request in case of mobilization in Russia. Therefore, the disposition often remains and is pasted or invested in the military ticket with paper, while the military liable continues to study, work and live his life.

What can threaten a draftee if they have not attended the military guard?

As we said, getThe mobilization order occurs most often at military registration offices and draft offices (where the draftee comes after the call or email notification). Failure to appear at the military commissariat again threatens a fine of between 100 and 500 rubles.

But even if you don't come to the military enlistment office, you won't be stoppedDelivering the notice. Get it even at work. In addition, each failure to appear in the ad threatens to increase the penalty, for example, 5 times you ignored the call to arrive at the right place, therefore, your penalty will increase by 5 times.

What is associated with non-compliance with the mobilization regulation?

Anyone who has a mobilization order,required at the destination in case of declaration of mobilization on the basis of the Federal Law "On mobilization preparation and mobilization in the Russian Federation", dated 26. February arrive, 1997, section 3 (v. v. 10.09). In the case of absence (when declaring the country to mobilize) military service faces criminal liability.

What are the penalties for employees of military commissaries and other organizations?

In addition to the military, the administration is liableThe military commissariats and citizens responsible for carrying out military registration may bear responsibility. For example, deliberate non-notification or early notification of conscripts, which puts them on the agenda, is subject to a fine of 500 to 1000 rubles.

Late submission of listsof citizens required to perform military service and failure to make changes in documentation (for example, relating to persons who have changed their place of residence) are subject to an administrative fine of 300 to 1.000 rubles.

The deliberate destruction of documents and lists, which are necessary for full-fledged military records, threatens a fine of 100 and 500 rubles.

Who can be exempted from military fees?

Little to know what mobilization meansregulation (which is, we said earlier), one should also remember the rules of military expenses. For example, the following citizens may be exempt from them:

  • Women who do not have military occupations;
  • posted for the period of mobilization (including war) by state institutions and municipalities;
  • Employees of the fire department, police, MES;
  • Civilians serving FSRF, DA, State Fire Services, and other organizations of a defensive nature;
  • Head of the highest executive authorities of the Russian Federation;
  • People who have two or more minor children at hand;
  • People who do not live in the territory of the Russian Federation at the time of conscription, etc.

Can we legally refuse to participate in military training?

To refuse to pay military taxes is possible and on the legal bases, the decision of the military commissariat challenged in court.

In this case, send a copy of the statement of claim to the military recruitment office, which issued a notice. To reach the same truth in court is possible only if there are compelling reasons. For example, in connection with a mistake (due to the fault of the military commissar or other responsible person). For example, due to the deterioration of health as a result of a serious injury at work, resulting in the loss of limbs.

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