Whether it's to buy a house or to fulfill a big wish: A wide variety of situations can lead you to look for a loan. Photo: Imago/Francis Joseph Dean/Dean Pictures

Digitalization has simplified the search for credit. You can compare online, apply online and even receive the money within a few hours. The way to the house bank or other local credit institutions is no longer necessary at all. But how safe is the digital process to get a loan really?

What to look for in loan comparisons

In order to choose a suitable and favorable loan among the variety of options, an independent loan comparison is a stable foundation. But it is not enough to compare the debit interest rates and assume that the offer with the lowest interest rate is also the cheapest loan. Online comparisons create transparency within a few minutes and thus an advantage.

Who properly compares and considers all essential factors in comparison, excludes risks and concludes the right contract. The effective interest rate, the term and the monthly repayment should be compared. Since no one knows whether their own financial situation will change in the next few months, flexible repayment terms with free special payments and installment breaks are optimal. The more information on the comparison start page, the easier it is to compare two to three relevant loans.

The birth of a child is one of the best days in the life of new parents. But soon the force of everyday obligations sets in. The child wants to be cared for, nurtured and pampered. The parents' financial possibilities quickly reach their end point in the process. A loan during parental leave should help. But an unpleasant surprise awaits at the bank: the financial institution often rejects the loan application. It is not easy to get a loan despite parental leave. The right preparation is decisive.

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I. Is it possible to obtain a loan during parental leave?

All lenders do not find a loan during parental leave ideal. The reasons are explained in this guide. First, there is something pleasant: In principle, a loan is possible during parental leave. No potential lender rejects such an application only because of the less than ideal constellation. In this regard, there is only one exception: If a single parent makes the loan application, it becomes much more difficult. However, loans for singles with children are complicated anyway.

If you’re a card player, you know what it means to “cash out.” It’s when you collect your winnings and exit the game. OK, so maybe there’s a bit more to it than that. Cashing out usually comes after your pride has been shattered and your wallet has been drained completely.

Thankfully, “cash-out” refinancing isn’t as traumatic as having to cash out from a Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) poker table. In fact, cash-out refinancing can provide you with thousands of dollars that you already have safely locked up! Not in your bank, but in your most valuable asset – your home.

What Is Cash-Out Refinancing?

In short, cash-out refinancing involves remortgaging your property with an additional loan. These “cash-out” funds can then be used for purchases ranging from financial emergencies to luxury items and holidays. If you own an HDB flat, unfortunately you can’t cash-out refinance.

Best construction financing

Plan a real estate purchase in 2022? The largest German direct bank ING (formerly ING-DiBa, DiBaDu Bank) is not only a test winner for an unconditionally free current account with credit card, but is also a front-runner in the mediation of favorable building loans. The construction financing of ING-DiBa belongs next to the intermediaries Dr. Klein, Interhyp, Comdirect and ING to our test winners in the construction financing comparison:

The ING-DiBa has now communicated the 10 mistakes in a construction financing, so that builders and buyers of a property can also sleep peacefully for the next few years.

The advisor portal for private real estate financing Construction financing123.com has put them under the microscope for you, adding more information and commenting on them.

Many people want to get into the real estate market to build wealth. However, getting started in real estate is not always easy. There are many different types of properties and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Also, new laws, trends and opportunities are constantly entering the market, so it can be hard to keep track of them all. In this article we give an introduction to wealth building with real estate. We explain, we tell you the advantages. We also address the risks and opportunities of real estate investing and provide tips for a successful start in the industry.

The advantages of real estate as an investment

Many people believe that real estate is a worthwhile capital investment. The reasons for this are manifold. First, real estate offers a high rate of return, as rental income usually covers the costs of financing, maintenance and management. In addition, the demand for housing in most major cities remains high, so property owners usually have no problem renting out their apartments or houses.

Credit leverage: nowhere is it easier to get credit than in real estate finance. This is a major advantage of real estate, as it is usually financed with a loan. Credit leverage allows you to multiply your equity, increasing your return on investment.

Benefits aimed at improving p ersonal finances – "financial wellness" is the related buzzword – have become increasingly important in today's working world. The reasons are many: debt, rising health care costs, higher rents and property prices, and more. In this blog entry, we will show you why this topic is so important, what benefits are available and how you can offer them to your employees to improve their financial security .

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What does financial wellness mean for employees??

Financial wellness is much more than just a good salary or a lavish bonus. This is more about anything that affects a person's personal financial situation in any way. This can include financial advice, digital investment and financial planning tools, and much more .

What are mortgage interest?

In finance, you encounter possible interest rates in all areas. If you look at offers from banks and institutions, in most cases you will also discover interest rates. In most cases, interest represents a cost in this process; only interest on balances in overnight accounts and similar investments represents income. In contrast, there are the interests of the banks, which can consider loan interest as a source of income. Just the interest from loans is probably the largest source of income in addition to fee income.

Mortgage rates are particularly worth mentioning in the interest rate section and in the financing section. The term has its origins in the word mortgage, which is a form of lien on land as collateral. In connection with a real estate loan is often spoken of a mortgage loan. Consequently, the interest to be paid to the bank is also mortgage interest.

When one speaks of mortgage interest?

Mortgage interest is referred to only in the case when the interest must be spent on real estate financing. Primarily, these are annuity loans and bullet loans. However, the application of mortgage interest in this context is not at all different from other loan interest rates. In concrete terms, this means that the customer agrees on an interest rate together with the bank and pays it off monthly. The total loan amount plays an important role as the basis for calculation.