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Rescheduling your old loan to a new one will save you unnecessary costs and help you get an overview of your finances. Due to the decrease in the interest rate, you can be sure that you will be left with lower expenses than before when you reschedule your debt. You can find out how this works and what you need to do in our guidebook.

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Representative example according to § 6a Abs. 4 PAngV: Net loan amount 6.000,00 €, annual percentage rate of charge 4,990 %, fixed borrowing rate 4,883 % p.a., Term 48 months, 48 monthly installments of 137,84 €, total amount 6.616,32 €.

Credit conditions: Details acc. § 6a PAngV: Unchangeable debit interest rate from 3,92%, effective annual interest rate min 3,99% – max 15,99%, net loan amount from 100,- to 250.000,- €, term from 12 to 120 months, creditworthiness provided. For a net loan amount of 10.000,- € and a term of 36 months, 2/3 of the customers of Maxda or Finanzcheck will presumably receive an eff. Interest rate of 8.90% or lower (geb. Debit interest rate 5.26%).

-0.4% Effective annual interest rate at: 1.000€ net loan amount, 12 months term, 0.00% fixed borrowing rate p.a., monthly rate 83,15€, total amount 997,83€, Fidor Bank | Corresponds at the same time to the representative example acc. to. § 6a PAngV. Credit requires online account statement (Kontoblick) and opening a current account with Fidor Bank. The current account is free of charge during the credit period.

  • Your annual income is over 12.000 EUR
  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You have your finances under control

How to apply for a debt rescheduling loan through Netkredit24

The newest cell phone has come on the market and you would like to finance it with an installment purchase. Just like your sports car and the new living room. Even if it's a small amount each month, it adds up quite a bit after a while, especially if there are multiple loans to pay off at once. So that you do not lose track and slip into a financial disaster, why not put all your current loans together in one. This procedure is called debt rescheduling and has the advantage that you only have to worry about a loan and meanwhile also save!

  • You can choose between 1.000 and 250.000 euros you are looking for
  • Choose between different credit offers
  • Absolutely transparent way of working


First enter the desired loan amount, repayment period, your e-mail address and mobile phone number.


We will send you different loan offers and you are free to decide which loan you want to apply for.


The money is usually transferred to your bank account 1-3 days after the loan is approved.

Advantages of the debt rescheduling loan

By saving you a lot of costs with a debt restructuring, this is an attractive method to settle your loans as quickly as possible. Especially if the interest rate you received on your loan quite a few years ago is no longer up to date and there are far more attractive offers on the market. You settle your remaining debt as before but with better conditions. For overdraft and framework loans, the possibility of rescheduling is an unbeatable offer and should be considered by you if the repayment of the loan debt is currently under a bad, financial star. However, it should not be ignored that granted credit lines pay off only for a short time, otherwise the interest rate will explode.

As mentioned above, a debt restructuring is perfect to get an overview of your finances. If your loans are all running at different rates, then you should decide to consolidate all your current loans into one. You have only one amount to pay monthly and this at certain conditions.

Debt restructuring also gives you the advantage of being flexible. As you have probably noticed, monthly rates cannot be adjusted individually. If the rigid loan is replaced with a new, flexible loan, then the monthly installments can also be adjusted according to your wishes. Last but not least, a debt rescheduling loan allows you to move the loan amount up during the term so that you can easily implement your plans.

The interest rate proposed by the bank for your loan depends on the fixed interest rate of the European Central Bank (ECB). If the banks manage to obtain money from the central bank on solid terms, this will be reflected in your loan with low interest rates.
The economic situation in Europe is the indicator for the level of the key interest rate.

If the prime rate drops, then you can take advantage of it with a rescheduled loan. To do this, you just replace the current loan with a new one or merge all your current loans into one. You will then benefit from more attractive conditions, which you will keep until the end of the credit period. Of course, in the sense that the prime rate changes. This exchange or consolidation can save you up to several thousand euros. Of course, this depends on the type of loan and the amount of the loan. To make the best profit from it, it is advisable to compare different loans and their conditions before rescheduling the debt.

What is a debt rescheduling loan actually?

The debt rescheduling loan offers you, by merging several current loans or exchanging them for a new loan, the opportunity to get an offer with better conditions and thus save money. For installment loans that have been up for several years, it is likely that you will receive a loan with better terms as a result. So that you do not lose track of countless different monthly installments, simply combine them into a single debit per month. Have you miscalculated and would like to increase your loan amount? Then you can easily request this when you reschedule your debt.

Save by rescheduling

Even if comparing the different offers and conditions and cancelling the old loan sounds like a lot of work, you will benefit from it in retrospect. Start looking for a loan that you can get at better conditions, because loans are cheaper nowadays than they have been for a long time.

Many borrowers in Germany, due to laziness or ignorance, do not consider looking for a new loan to replace the old one and get a better interest rate. The debt restructuring can increase your wallet and that up to several thousand euros. Using an online loan calculator, it's easy to compare loans and find the ones with the best terms. So you can even save on your repayment of credit debt!

A debt rescheduling is actually not as costly and tedious as many probably think. This rescheduling of an overdraft can be done online or at a bank branch and is fixed and ready to go after a few business days.

What sounds tempting at first moment, requires accurate research. Because not all offers promise that thereby is saved. Do not forget to pay attention to interest on arrears and additional costs of your current loan, which may be charged by your bank in case of cancellation.

Where and when does a debt restructuring prove to make sense?

Due to the favorable conditions, a debt restructuring can only be warmly recommended. Especially if in the past loans were taken out in haste and without comparing different offers in advance. This includes loans taken out while shopping online or overdraft loans that go through your checking account.

With the latter, a much too high interest rate is often charged, which cannot be justified. With installment loans or real estate financing, debt restructuring is more attractive than ever, thanks to the low interest rates and attractive conditions, can only benefit from it.

Comparison of debt rescheduling loans

Netkredit24 provides you with a calculator that lists and displays all loans with their terms and what else you need to know. As a result, you can comfortably make an online application. The tool allows you to enter your loan idea and then filters the offers according to it.

Create a loan overview: Enter the desired loan amount into the calculator, or in the case of a debt restructuring, the sum of the remaining amount. Then how long the term should be and what you want to use the loan for. The disclosure of the purpose of use is relevant so that the bank knows that it is a debt restructuring and can thus offer you a lower interest rate.

Filtering offers: After you have made the relevant entries, you will be presented with a listing where you can view offers from various providers. To find out the best offer, it is best to calculate with the 2/3 interest rate. With the filter you have the possibility to filter for additional services.

Determining your personal offer: To ensure that the loan offer can really be tailored to you personally, you must enter your creditworthiness status and relevant personal information. Processing takes only a few minutes, which means that you will know within a very short time whether you have been allowed a loan or not. All listed offers that may be suitable for you do not affect your SCHUFA score and are absolutely non-binding and free of charge.

Compare the loan offers: Now that you have a good overview of eligible offers, take the time to compare them. Do not forget to pay attention to possible additional costs that may arise.

Making a loan application: Were you in the jungle of offers found? Then do not wait long and strike. To do this, simply download the loan application, sign it and send it to your bank with all the requested documents. So that you do not have to go to the bank office, but you can still prove your identity, this works by means of the online identification procedure or with the Postident procedure. If everything goes according to plan, you will receive the money in your account after just a few days and you will be able to pay off your old loan.

Tips for debt restructuring

What you need to consider in a debt restructuring loan and other tips, we have collected for you here again:

  • Take advantage of a favorable interest rate

If the interest rate level is in a low, then it is worthwhile to have current loans rescheduled to a more favorable one.

Before you rush into a debt restructuring, calculate whether you can benefit from it

  • Combining several loans into one

Terminating and subsequently merging several loans into one has a positive effect on your credit rating.

Do not be satisfied with the first offer. Take the time to compare different offers. In addition to the effective interest rate, pay attention to the conditions that are included in the loan.

Be aware of how much money you need. Would like the bank you more aufschwatzten, then this can lead to the fact that you get out in the end only again badly.

Even if you can benefit from the residual debt insurance in certain cases, you pay it with, which can be quite expensive. Therefore, be clear whether you really want to take out one.

Have thought well about it and convinced you that you can benefit from debt restructuring? Then nothing like go! Our specialists will support you in your choice and you do not have to bear any additional costs. We take care of the termination of your current loans and cooperate with the banks by requesting updates on the processing steps and the amounts still to be repaid for the redemption. Any information we receive will, of course, be passed on to you immediately.

Questions and answers

After all the above steps have been taken by the borrower, which usually takes no more than an hour, the settlement takes only a few business days. Because the redemption of the previous loan is handled by the new lender or bank, you only have to do your part. That is, submit all the requested documents.

What information is relevant for the debt rescheduling calculator?

In order for all the functions of the calculator to be available to you and to provide you with an unbiased result, you must have the following information and documents:
– An accurate status of your remaining debt. Obtain them from your lenders.
– All additional costs that would have to be paid during the remaining term, i.e. processing fees and account management fees, must be entered into the calculator.
– Since in most cases of a debt restructuring at the bank fees are incurred, the prepayment penalty, these must also be elicited.

What costs should be expected?

As already mentioned, it is not unlikely that if you terminate the contract early or. Rescheduling the bank requires an early repayment penalty. How high or low this turns out depends on the term of the loan as well as the agreement that was stipulated in the contract. However, there are also credit institutions where a free debt rescheduling can be made. How it looks in your case, you can read in your credit agreement.

SCHUFA query for a debt rescheduling?

There are offers where the SCHUFA score is not queried, but it can be assumed that there is no trace of seriousness here. Because SCHUFA collects individual data from each person on their payment history and consumer behavior, the credit institution gets an idea whether the respective person is legitimate to receive a loan. And since this is not possible without this insight, the check of the SCHUFA score is an integral part when it comes to granting a loan.

NetKredit24 markets the services of the licensed loan broker FFG FINANZCHECK Finanzportale GmbH and Maxda Darlehensvermittlung GmbH . The responsible partner for the content and marketing of NetKredit24 is Draivi Media Oy. FFG FINANZCHECK Finanzportale GmbH and Maxda Darlehensvermittlung GmbH are responsible for the registration, processing and mediation of loan applications. We help you find the right loan offer for you by comparing numerous different banks and lenders. Furthermore, we offer you personal and helpful economic tips.

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