Application for change of use – instructions & tips

Anyone who wants to use their premises or building differently than originally planned will have to deal with a change of use application. The application must be approved by the building authority. In order to better plan the habitable settlements in the villages and the cities and the development structure, as well as the landscape planning, the so-called Building Code was created in Germany.

This means, if someone wants to change the use of a room or a building, he has to go to the responsible building authority. This article is intended to enlighten you about the change of use application, so that you will subsequently have no problem making this application.

What material is needed for the application?

The building plan, site plan, building application, change of use description and a statement of the change of use project are required for the application.

What are the categories?

It should be clear to everyone that before the construction of a building, a permit must be obtained from the building authority. This results from the fact that many aspects have to be taken into account prior to construction. Among other things, these are the land use, land settlement and landscape planning.

Only after taking these aspects into consideration, it can be decided whether the building application will be rejected or approved. Subsequently, this means that certain conditions of use must be taken into account. If the building is to be a farm, a residence, or a business establishment? This question is essential. The building authority decides whether the selected land areas should be considered as building land or not.

According to paragraph 34 of the building code, built-up areas are considered to be inner areas. Under the paragraph 35 all buildings are summarized, which are outside the development plan. The building authority also decides whether the buildings are other or privileged constructions. Privileged building types include gardening, agriculture and forestry operations, which are purpose-built. It can be directly seen what type of use is fulfilled. This means that the building application will be approved or not under the respective conditions.

Because of this, a change of use application must be submitted if the use is to change. There can be value determinations, development costs or individual property charges. These depend on the type of use. An application can be made between 1.000 euros and 4.000 euros. Building uses are divided into different categories based on the amount of levy they attract.

There are medical areas, agricultural areas, commercial areas, residential areas and administration and service areas. If a building is misappropriated, conflicts of use can arise between the owners and citizens. Because of this, it is very important to submit an application for change of use to the building authority before any change is made in the premises or the building. There can also be mixed use opportunities.

How to submit a change of use application?

It is very important that after the change of use of the building, a building application and the additional existing documents are submitted to the building authority. Among other things, the planned implementation, the justification as well as the change of use should be described in great detail in these documents. The building authority then classifies the project as a full or simplified building permit procedure.

This, of course, depends on the change. A site plan and a construction plan of the land must be submitted to the building authority. This plan must be equipped with the parking space proofs as well as the distance area dimensions. The documents should also include the new and old construction drawings, fire protection concepts, floor plans and elevations. If a change of use is to be made for an agricultural or commercial business, a description of the business and the planned production costs are also required.

It is very important to know that there is a notification requirement for an addition, alteration or new construction of a building. Furthermore, it is also subject to notification if the building is raised or lowered. Anyone who is not the owner of the land and wants to make a change must have the consent of the owner and also of the neighbors. Construction documents should ideally be submitted in duplicate or triplicate to the building department.

How to proceed with a change of use application?

In order to approach the whole practically, it should be inquired in advance in the municipality or the land registry office, which building regulations are to be kept. Furthermore it should be inquired whether special regulations, as for example a waste water regulation, are present. These aspects should be planned in advance. If there is a change in the use of rooms in the building or even a complete change of the building, the whole thing should be discussed with the neighbors. It is best if the neighbors issue a written consent, because the building authority will need the consent from the neighbors. Basically, it is recommended to hire an architect.

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